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  • About Sustainopreneurship

    Sustainopreneurship means "Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability", or "Business with a Cause". In short, it means to solve a sustainability-related problem by creating/finding a sustainability innovation and take the solution to the market by creative business organizing, and venturing with respect to the needs fulfillment of current and future stakeholders. [read more...]
  • About the Author

    Anders Abrahamsson is a Sustainopreneurial Facilitator, Global Knowledge Nomad and Qualitative Intentional Networker, writing a book on Sustainopreneurship, and running three ventures; SLICE Services and Publishing, DJ Anders, and ÆREAS(i); with a daughter three years old named Nadine, in a relationship with Karin, and happily adopted by her cat Wendy. [read more...]
  • About this Blog

    This blog is about sustainopreneurship in both abstract and concrete dimensions - idea development, research, reflective practice and proactive application. Key tags are sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and the social web. The blog is both in English and Swedish depending on the cultural context and target group of the posting.

    This blog is licensed by Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 License - Attribute / Share Alike. CC-BY-SA 3.0 License Mark Support CC

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  • Article started October 17, 2008. Story about the publishing blogged here.
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Family man living in Norrköping, Sweden, with Karin (love), Wendy (cat) and Nadine (daughter, every second weekend), loves building communities for a better world, and passionate about Sustainopreneurship ("Business with a Cause" via SLICE Services and Publishing), Joy of Life EDM (DJ Anders) and Aikido.



“There is a long way to go until the world is ‘Re:Loved’ as my personal vision reads – meaning a world where you meet your fellow human being with Love and Respect, and you can expect to be met with the same.

But even a thousand mile journey has to begin with one step, as Lao Tse suggests. Sustainopreneurship is such a step - a strong and powerful one; ‘Business with a Cause’.”

I love building communities for a better world.

Sustainopreneurship Facilitator, Global Knowledge Nomad, Qualitative Intentional Networker.

- Family Man, Aikidoka, DJ, sustainopreneur.
- Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Social Web.
- Society, Culture, Ecosphere, Economy, Technology, Market.
- Meeting Facilitator - Open Space, World café. Event Organizer.
- Author, Speaker, Researcher, Coach, Consultant, Tutor, Mentor.
- My three loves: Nadine, Karin, Wendy.


• Started
• Master Thesis, articles and book chapters on Sustainopreneurship


- Founder of: SLICE Services and Publishing, DJ Anders, AEREAS.
- Co-organizing: Social Media Club Östergötland, Social Media Club - Chapter Support Association - Sweden, Lasso Network, Jobbfabriken.


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My Typepad blog is used for the longer notes five sentences and
beyond, and sometimes even 500 to 2000 word articles and essays –
yes, the good old blogging, in the new media landscape popularly
re-defined "macroblogging" :).


yoga, innovation, tolerance, aikido, creativity, honesty, intuition, love, entrepreneurship, peace, equality, respect, anthropology, sustainability, uganda, empathy, qigong, integrity, global, electronic dance music, sweden, identity tagging: nadine!, växjö university, global knowledge nomad, social constructionism, action speaks louder than words, dj anders, global mindset, qualitative intentional networker, high spirit, walk the talk, norrköping, sustainopreneurship, msc ba, openness, multi/inter-local, win-win-win, prosperity, unity, open space, social web, slice services and publishing, music-dj, re:love the world!, karin!, wendy!, iq-eq-sq-cq, joy of life edm, sustainopreneurship facilitator, world café, aereas, lasso network, social media club, be the change you want to see