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06 June 2006


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chris macrae

As one of Al Gore's poster slides for inconvenient truth says: with Katrina people woke up to the feeling that we are in an age of consequences

systems spin consequences exponentially -uptilting sustainability, or downtilting/ destruction; networks as systems*systems*systems do so in ever more exponentially dramatic patterns

Entrepreneurs (those who speak about the word at every systemic level: macro, micro ,inter) have had at least 30 years to look at the maths of this - see eg my father's 1976 survey in The Economist http://entrepreneurialrevolution.blogspot.com

and that indeed is why future history storytellers focus on systems that are:
1) either so conflicted they must be let die (eg in 1984 we forecast the USSR would die within 5 years) not to crow about it but because we wanted all peoples to open spaces and come up with good ideas of what to connect in its place ;or 2 will need lots of intervention to protect them from being conclicted due to environmental or other revolutions of becoming so closely interconnected (where nation's borders become more risky the more any powerful Canute-style person believes they can stop waves propagating in)
http://deathofdistance.blogspot.com http://globalcharters.blogspot.com

and back in 1984 we mapped out another 15 systems that will either need to die and be replaced by a more harmonious system or need protecting in a proactive and deep humanly contextuals ways if globalisation is not to destroy the sustainability of people and places that are already the poorest etc

Its great that you are giving emphasis to this critical type of analysis as the next decade will make or break all futures depending how well the analysis is done

are you also claiming to have simplified how to do the analysis? or found how to connect disciplines in sharing their knowhow? or what do you feel is the newest insight of your research shows and idnetifies with the specific term you are coining? is the term actually different in meaning than what social entrepreneurs mean at the global academy level http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3321985461393888643

Anders Abrahamsson

Sorry for my late reply, Chris.

There is a list of intriguing questions that I want to devote further contemplations and then write them up, especially about analysis simplification.

But for sure I am putting connections in-between and bridging as a key set of features to create genuine multi-stakeholder dialogues. Not just in between disciplines "academically", but in between people from different communities of practice at large. Just like a camp-fire warms everyone and we all meet each other as is and as we are in the forest, I want to create a bridging vocabulary where both biased Cash and biased Cause-oriented people can meet up in the conversation for systemic world change for sustainability.

The key distinction in between social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship generically and sustainability entrepreneurship, i. e. sustainopreneurship, is that sustainopreneurship includes the holistic perspective where we start with the eco-system, and where the social system is a part of the eco-system (the social interplay in between humans) and the economic system is a part of the social system (including the social interplay where different resources are created, allocated and exchanged, both material and immaterial).

Thus this conceptual extension from both "entrepreneurship" at large, and "social entrepreneurship", to also include eco-preneurs (focusing ecological innovation and business/organization creators solving environmental sustainability-problems, adding reduced energy and/or matter throughput per unit of economic activity/transaction) and social entrepreneurs (focusing social innovation with impact on human systems and adding human well-being in its throughput per economic activity/transaction).

Still, this comment is just a simplified snapshot to subjects that demands a more thorough explanation (that will be included in my coming e-books, articles and the book "Business with a Cause" in popular format to reach outside the academic literati), where the contribution with "sustainability entrepreneurship" and also "sustainability intrapreneurship" included, will be given full attention and clarification in future pubs (both those serving ecological beer at networking meetings and those containing letters in print on paper :).

Start with my recently published hub page for further starting points.


(as blogged separately and recently as well - http://andersabrahamsson.typepad.com/blog/2006/08/hubpage_sustain.html).


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