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04 April 2007


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Richard Gatarski

Thanks for the kind words, but I am afraid I will break the chain/meme. Cannot neither see the point in the meme you mention, nor have time to dig into it. On the side, I agree with you regarding the contents of the growing Swedish bloggo/poddosphere. Either it is too sad so little happens there worth sharing with an English speaking community. Or perhaps I am ignorant of what is going on here. In any case it seems we are a couple of years behind. Hence weconverse is dominantly in Swedish, although I have an english post about some educational lessons in the pipeline.

Anders Abrahamsson

Well, somewhat agree: But I reached to a point worth commenting, and that was value enough to forward the meme :). It highlighed the issue your side-note is witnessing on: Blogging is a global phenomenon, and keeping your blog reachable only to the ones who read blogs in Sweden, you are reducing your audience quite much. If you want your ideas to be spread - and eventually change the world to the better - you better keep it in English. On memes: like their origin of metaphors: Genes, they are equally pointless - or filled with purpose. Dawkins naming of evolution as a "blind watchmaker" make me believe that maybe the meme is a point in itself some time. E. g. to see which Swedish bloggers are connected, or which top three Swedish bloggers you care to forward to/worth reading. Just another twist of an opinion poll, right? OK, done is done, and there is two other to maybe forward. If not, that's that. All fine.

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