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25 September 2009


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Hannes Offenbacher

Hey Anders. Here is the feedback :-)
First of all: I think we should refresh our short contact regarding our common topic of sustainopreneurship - even as I am always telling the story of our conversation about "sustainable vs. sustainability entrepreneurship" when I present the topic here in Austria and Germany :-)

I love the draft of the book and please be sure that I would love to offer you a translation into german and for sure my help with some sustainopreneurial stories!

I also started a book-task force regarding the topic with a sustainability expert and an entrepreneurial process expert here in Austria.

right now there will be a presentation of a school-working book with the title "sustainability meets entrepreneurship" I have worked on with other people. The movement is growing :-)

I am looking forward to the first topics and for sure will give u feedback on it. And: perhaps we should talk about a meet-up - face to face - to share our ideas :-)

best wishes from vienna, Hannes

Anders Abrahamsson - @sliceonline

@Hannes: Great! It's destined to happen, Hannes! All of it. Spreading the topic. Sharing stories. Translation. Collaboration. Books at different levels of understanding and in different contexts. Content in various contexts everywhere. Old and new media. All things. Everywhere. As we speak, a Twingly Channel is about to get setup for Sustainability Entrepreneurship/Sustainopreneurship! And we've reached a higher level of speed, for sure, overall!

And yes, we're destined to get a skype2skype, as well as face2face, in time!

In the overall process of proactive peer2peer crowdsourcing for sustainopreneurship developed in idea, understanding, education and applied practice!

Best wishes returned from Norrköping!


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